Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 4 of Things I Love: Inspiring Music

I admit that I am not one that finds hip music on my own; I'm not hip in the least when it comes to music or that scene. Thank goodness for friends and colleagues that keep me in the loop! Recently I found Eniac from a good friend's blog and fell in love. I always struggle to find music that is inspiring enough to keep me on track during the day but can transition when it's time for a cocktail! 

Other favorites include: 

What are you favorites that help you through the long work day?

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  1. ahh thanks for the shout out lover :) Seriously played this over and over at my desk all day yesterday! So glad you asked, otherwise, I would've probably overlooked it! I will try to hit up my brother weekly for music suggestions as he always finds the most "hip" tunes (ha!) and pass them along to you-- work to happy hour is so ness!