Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dinner Party Hotness

It's too hot to be fancy. It's too hot to really eat. Do you agree? We are having friends over tonight for dinner, but I have a feeling it will be more drinking wine and beer and standing in front of the air conditioning vent. In any case, it's still nice to set a pretty table and drink out of real glasses, right? Right!

Tilley-Gray thinks it's too hot to wear clothes. There is nothing better than a naked baby. We rolled out her wagon for the first time yesterday and she thought she was tough stuff. She rode around in it and waved to all of our neighbors in the park. 
It was a great first 4th of July for her. I hope it was great for y'all as well!
 (Grayson is a little bit crazy when it comes to her safety protective dad and added pool noodles so she wouldn't hurt herself. I want to eventually paint it like these, but yesterday we had fun decorating it with flags and coordinating noodles.


  1. If y'all are planning on drinking that wine through those straws, y'all better eat. Y'all are gonna TOASTED otherwise! ;-)

    1. Terry, you are right! Those are more for decor!