Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot Air Balloons and Weekend Things

  This week has been extremely busy but so much fun. First, I had the chance to work on a friend's wedding. She is having a pot luck reception with yard games and a bluegrass band. I can't wait to share the photos; it's going to be stunning. 

Second, our neighbor's restaurant, Saltworks II, is being filmed as we speak by the Food Network show Restaurant Impossible. We eat at his restaurant every Sunday with six of our neighbors for Breakfast Club. We are so stoked for Mike and have dinner reservations tonight at 7:30pm for the unveiling. 

On another note, one of my clients for next year told me that her parents were married in a hot air balloon. That got me thinking what it would be like to really get married in a hot air ballon. Joy Thigpen and Jose Villa just style and shot this for Southern Weddings Magazine. How about that?


  1. We have supper club, but I love the idea of breakfast club! Also love how the bride decided to forego the white dress and opt for something a little more playful and whimsical like that hot air balloon!

  2. love these pictures and totally love this idea!