Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saving my pennies for

Missoni for Target. I know this isn't new news, but it makes my heart a flutter when I know that Missoni is designing over 400 items for Target come September. Since I won't be able to and shouldn't try to fit my large pregnant body in those zig zags in September, I can promise you that I will buy them anyway to wear next year.

This month's Vogue toured Margherita Missoni's new apartment that is full of the new items that Target will carry. I love that these trays are ceramic, not plastic, and are only $20.00!

I'll take a few of those rugs and that bicycle please! 


  1. Love it! Have you seen the Missoni Bugaboo stroller? I went plain Jane and got navy, but The Missoni one is super fun!

  2. Ann Yates: I LOVE the Missoni Bugaboo, but I went with the red because I found it 50% off! The MIssoni one would be way more fun though! xo

  3. me and my mom have a shopping plan. Im not joking.

    and about the friend who got married last year bought one..just bc she knows she eventually will be having a little critter. God Missoni I love you1