Friday, January 27, 2012

Favorite Fridays

Favorite Bag for Spring
Botkier's Mint Valentina Bag

Favorite Look I've Seen All Week
Classic Cashmere, Leather Skirt, Leather Leggings, Statement Accessories

Favorite Cocktail
I haven't had a cocktail in almost a year, but I think it's time to try this one out!

Favorite Cocktail Dress
A perfectly sweet cocktail dress from Tibi. Perfect for an afternoon wedding or cocktail party!

Favorite Book
One of my sweet brides, Rebecca, sent this book to Tilley-Gray this week. Some children's books are a chore to read, but not this one! Perfect for both mom and daughter!

Favorite Photos
There are so many to choose from this week! Tilley-Gray is smiling away and Millie Holloman  showed us Tilley-Gray's birth photos last night. (I'll be sharing our birth story and photos next week!)

The day after Christmas, Millie came over with a new film camera to take photos of Tilley-Gray. She had not used film in almost seven years and kept telling us that she wasn't sure they were going to turn out. (You can see that they certainly did!)
 I was so yellow from my blood tranfusion and still felt "huge" so I refused to let  any one to take photos of me. These are some of the only photos I have with Tilley-Gray when she was brand new and I'm so grateful for these. Millie, thanks again!



  1. Hi Lindsey, Big congratulations to you and your husband on your beautiful baby girl! Love the blog - fun to be able to keep track of the exciting news in your life and have a little dose of your great style in my day. Glad I happened upon it! Sara from BHI

  2. Unbelievable adorable! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Those pictures are priceless! Can you send Millie my way here in Southern Cali? ;)

  4. Awwww....your little peanut is so precious! And I am really enjoying that black and brown favorite chic!

  5. I adore black and brown together! Your family pictures are so beautiful. I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I love the pictures and you look beautiful as always~You just had a baby and were not huge ;) (tiny in my book) She is precious and I know you two are so proud!! I am making the Quoina Salad this weekend for my lunches next week and gonna try a butternut squash soup this weekend! Have a super weeekend!

  7. Your family is adorable! Tilley-Gray is just precious ... I can't get over it.

  8. You look gorgeous! Beautiful family!

    I made the WS short rib Wellington pot pie a few weeks ago,and it was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the sweet pics! And that book looks amazing :)

  10. well, i wish i looked as good as you after giving birth. you look GORGEOUS in that second photo. look at that sweet little girl; she's as cute as her name!

  11. i am swooning over that mint green handbag. it is the loveliest shade. especially with all the pastels coming out for the springtime. love, love, love.

  12. So sweet and you look gorgeous!! My favorite is the second one with all three of you.