Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Get It Together

This past week has been full of changes and updates, some that I can share, and some that I have to keep a secret for just a few more weeks! I really couldn't be more excited. 
So sorry for the long break in blogging!
 At home, things have been a little up and down with projects, including one that caused me major stress, hiring a new (almost) full time nanny. After lots of prayers, emails, and interviews, I feel like I have finally found the right balance. 
In the midst of all of these new changes, organization has been key, starting from the ground up. My purse is typically a black hole full of receipts, change, Kashi bars, loose lip gloss tubes, and keys. I invested in a few pieces to keep me organized and my purse a bit more stylish. 

With an organized purse, it seems to keep the rest of me on track for the day.
Do you have any favorites that keep you organized through the day? I'd love to hear!

1 comment:

  1. My favorite invention for staying organized is the Flip Fold bee bag. It's got a bunch of pockets and zippers so I can put all my "little things" in it without losing them. It goes inside my big LV tote and then when I want to switch bags, I pick it up by the handle and transfer everything at once. Genius! I got it in black and it has a pretty pink flower that clips on the side. Love it!