Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10 Months

 Tilley-Gray turned 10 months on Monday and has grown up so much in these past few weeks. From crawling and pulling up to standing with just the tinniest bit of help these days, I am trying to savor every second with my sweet little girl.

She is also growing at rapid speed in the clothes/shoes department, so when my Mom was down a few weeks ago, she stocked Tilley-Gray up on some adorable clothes.
I'm a little jealous of all of this cuteness!


  1. I love little girl clothes, and Tilley-Gray is quite stylish!! Those shoes are adorable, especially the furry booties!

  2. So cute! She will be asking for the keys to the car before you know it!

  3. Thanks for sharing... look at all those cute clothes. Your Tilley-Gray is a cute little lady. I don't comment enough on your blog, but its great fun and I enjoy following. =)