Friday, October 19, 2012

It's My Birthday (almost)

Grayson is taking me to Charleston in the morning and surprised me by inviting Shannon & Will along.   This is an adults only weekend and I know we are going to have tons of fun. Charleston is one of my favorite places so if you have any favorites, be sure to leave a comment. 

And for the birthday wishes? A fun weekend away with friends is more than I could ever ask for, but there are are few new things on my wishlist that I just have to share.

I'll be back next week, a whole decade older, but with lots of fun stories I'm sure. 
Happy Weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday! Bet you are having a great time in Charleston. I was there with my family last weekend visiting our good friends. I didn't want to leave. : )

  2. Happy Birthday! We did Charleston for a weekend (Boston natives) a couple years back and basically it turned into a big amazing shopping/pub crawl because it was the middle of the summer and oh so hot and humid-- had to seek refuge anywhere with AC! I did love Pearlz Little Oyster Bar. Have a great trip :)

  3. Hope you had a great Birthday in Charleston!

  4. Happy birthday! Hope your trip was amazing. :)

  5. Happy birthday, Lindsey!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great day and WEEKEND!