Monday, March 29, 2010

Office Envy...

Current state of my office, hospital green walls and no art

And so it begins, wedding season is officially here. Sorry for my lack of posting for you little lovelies that follow me. I have 31 weddings between now and June so I have been swamped these past several weeks. Since I will be spending the majority of my time on the island in my office, I have decided to take action and create a meetig/working/creative zone for myself and my brides. Right this moment, my office is a lovely shade of hospital green. Gross. I have a limited budget and big ideas. These are a few things that I am hoping to create...

Office: Tobi Fairly from Tobi Fairly Designs

Look at all of that storage! In a sea of papers, pencils, diagrams, folders, and lists, she brings all in with a cheery color palette and makes it work.

A small sitting area
Office: Erika from Urban Grace Designs

I love how her office is relaxed but still pulled together. She has a great mix of style, two desk, an inspiration board, and a sofa for her and clients to relax .

Hopefully the hospital green walls will fade away to a bright white. I want to hang loads of wedding art from former clients and frame notes that I have recieved from brides over the past two years.

A revolving inspiration board
This cork board is exactly what I need. Instead of having random post it notes on my computer and phone, this board would be a "catch all" while still looking polished.

Happy Monday!

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