Monday, March 22, 2010

When I Grow Up...

I want to be Todd Fiscus
but not a gay man.

That's what I learned in San Francisco at the Wedding 360 conference. Don't judge. If you met him, you would want to be him too. He is all out fabulous, and in the most adorable way. He owns a company in Dallas called Todd Events. He is so smart, so chic, so put together, you would hate him if you didn't love him. You can check out more about him here, but today, I'm going to share a little peek inside of his house. Again, don't judge. You know you want to see it!

I told you so. This house doesn't so much match his personality, but I think that is the beauty is this. When he was speaking at the conference, he was "on stage," playing the part of the uber event designer/planner. I'm sure his office is bright and crisp. Wouldn't it be great to go home to a place like this that is totally different than the normal? What a difference that would make!

Happy Monday
photos by Manny Rodriguez

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