Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Apartments in Paris

So, as you know, the husband and I are going to Paris in November. I am thrilled, but a tiny bit stressed because the constant paycheck and paid health insurance is no longer an option, and Paris isn't something that someone I can really do on a budget. Yikes! 
(Should have thought about that before I spent $9937593912 on these)

In a way to find a happy balance between luxury and reality, I have been apartment shopping in Paris. Yes, it's true. To rent an apartment in Paris is far less expensive than to stay in a hotel for a week. After scouring hundreds of websites, I found a chic little apartment in the Latin Quarter (which I heard is a lot like SOHO in NYC) and have completely fallen in love. What do you think? Before I book it, please give me feed back as to (a) is this actually a good neighborhood and (b) if you know a better/less expensive but totally glam place to stay in Paris. 

This is the main room... aren't those windows divine?

What hotel has crystal chandeliers in the bedroom? I love this!

This is the incredible view from the apartment.

Here is one of the neighborhood's cafes. How charming!

More details to come!!!

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