Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Monday (and Randomness)

I love Martha... she is hands down the best. Red roses typically make me cringe, but this is brilliant. Love the ribbon. Thanks for showing me the light Martha Stewart. I heart you..

This is one perfect room. It makes my heart smile.

I'll be here in less than two months. I might die of excitement before the day actually gets here. I'm so excited.

Do you not die? She melts me. She has claimed that chair and my new ikat pillow. I hope my one day that my kids are half this cute. If they are, I'm in major trouble. 


  1. Ohhhh love that dining room!! PS- did you get your ikat pillow from Fabricadabra? I think I might have the exact same one!

  2. Thank you! The pillows are from Glenn Harmon. We bought the ikat fabric that was pretty inexpensive and then had the pillow lady sew them off set like Madeline Weinrib's version, just much cheaper!

  3. okay so I was thinking of you while I was reading this blog. Hope this gives you some ideas about Paris.
    and also when I was watching Gossip Girl last night. Is it possible for me to sneak in your suitcase? Gray won't mind if I join right? XOXO