Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seeing Double

 Cherri and Larry Cheek, my in-laws (yes, those are their real names, my mother-in-laws name is really Cherri Cheek) are giving us two four poster twin beds that they have had forever. They are really darling (both my in-laws and the beds) and make what the husband wants a reality. Since we moved in to our house, he won't stop talking about how our guest room needs twin beds. "The layout would be perfect" he keeps saying. He literally won't shut up about it. It doesn't make any sense, as we don't have children, when guests visit, it's typically a couple, and we already have a perfectly good bed in the guest room. With all of my other projects, that's what he has chose to focus on. In the next week, he will finally get his way, with twin beds.

My dilemma with twin beds (other than the obvious) is that I refuse to do anything child like. This room needs to be welcoming and sophisticated. Our guests are already going to feel weird sleeping in a twin bed with their significant other sleeping in the other bed. It needs to be chic and needs to match the rest of our house. After licking my battle wounds and giving in to defeat, I researched a little inspiration for other twin bed rooms and was surprised when I found so many that I liked! Would you have a guest bedroom with twin beds?



Cottage Living

Traditional Home

North Carolina designer Barrie Benson

Designer Celerie Kembel



  1. Yes, I would indeed! I think twin beds are classic! AND twin bedding is way cheaper; I know you have to buy double, but it sounds good