Tuesday, September 13, 2011


That's what I did this morning when I went to Target. I woke up like it was Christmas morning and marched to my computer to see what goods were available online. EPIC fail. Everything I wanted was out of stock. It was 7am. Good gracious; this was going to take a little more work. 

By 8:15am, half decaf coffee in hand, I braved the mini-van and SUV filled Target parking lot and ran into  Target. I wasn't expecting the mobs of soccer moms that I was about to run into. I grabbed a cart and took it to the home department, only to find that my one "MUST" item was gone right before my eyes. Someone else was buying TWO of those gorgeous throws for their beach house. I just wanted one for the nursery. Was that too much to ask for? 

After that heart break, it was on. I was more motivated than ever. Baby clothes? Got em. Trays for entertaining? Tumblers for cocktails? PJs? Robes? Sweaters and dresses and zig zag lounge pants. Make-up cases and headbands? I grabbed them all. Then I started editing when I looked like every other crazy woman that I was overloaded with this Italian goodness.  I decided I needed it all. And then I went to check out. The lady in front of me spent $2400 dividing it on three credit cards. The one in front of her...$6000. This was out of control. 

I'm having a baby. We need a new vacuum cleaner. My husband needs new suits. Do I really need all of this? I had to have a quick "come to Jesus" with myself to bring it back to reality. And I'm proud to say that I did. I bought the pieces that I really loved, and moved on without regret. 

What about you? Were you in Target this morning? If so, what goodies did you score?


  1. I tried the website first with no luck. I went to a store during my lunch break and scored the multicolor flats and a towel I plan to use as a beach towel. My store was out of most items by 1pm. It makes me mad that so much merchandise was purchased merely for ebay resale. I'm not sure if I will keep the flats bc despite how cute they are, they seem to run wide.

  2. That's crazy! I live in Vancouver and considered driving across the border to Bellingham, WA but now I'm glad I missed the first day mayhem. $6000 and $2400??? That's insane! You could buy actual, high end Missoni for that money, not Target! Crazy. Some of it is very cute though!

  3. I seriously live under a rock. (and sadly, 1.5 hours away from the nearest Target) I am so sorry I missed the big event. Sigh....