Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday's Pick Me Up

These beauties came in the mail today and did not disappoint. No, they are not the old school ones Stubbs and Wooten. Lawd no, I've got a baby to pay for these days. These beauties are from Asos and fit my feet and my budget just perfect. 

Not convinced? Kanye West just signed a deal with Stubbs and Wooten. 

Olivia Palmero

 Ryan Gosling 

Nicki Hilton

Create your own custom pair here


  1. rock on, Lindsey!! I found leopard ones a couple of weekends ago at a charity sale :) (not s&w, sadly though) I blogged about them, too! I would lurve some monogrammed ones.

  2. OMG I gasped out loud when I saw these! I may have to pull the trigger and get them. Do they fit true to size? I have never ordered shoes from asos...

    Congrats on your gorgeous baby! She is too cute!