Sunday, September 18, 2011

This is going to be one sappy post, so apologizes are in order in advance. I blame it on being 100 months pregnant. 

 I have to say that with my job, I am surrounded with people that are at their most vulnerable, their most stressed, their happiest, and one of their life's most important moments. I sometimes see the worst in people when they fight with their mothers and fathers, but for the most part, I get to see their best. How many other careers offer that? The past few weddings that I have been a part of, the couples have been so sweet, so grateful, and really, really dear. This isn't always the case, I promise! It is just what I needed after a tough summer. 

Marriage is such a sacred thing when you think about it. I am one of the lucky ones whose marriage has gotten better day by day. I can't say that it has always been an easy road. The first year was tough, and I made it a lot harder than it should have been on myself and on the husband. He was in law school, we were so poor, and as he finished law school, we moved a long ways away from my family, started new careers, and began a life that was all our own. What I can say is that it was worth the heartache and the tears because it has gotten better than I could have ever imagined. No grand gesture has prompted this post except for the fact that an ordinary day that I don't get to have too often with my husband, one of a late breakfast and running errands, reminds me how lucky I am to be in a partnership with a kind, patient,  and loving husband. 

As we are rounding out the third trimester of our first pregnancy, I am so excited about becoming a mother and seeing Grayson become a father. I have to say, selfishly, I am a little nervous that it won't be just the two of us anymore. Tilley-Gray has already stolen Grayson's heart and she isn't even here yet!  When we were in marriage counseling with our minister before our wedding, he told us that a marriage should always hold God first, your husband/wife second, and your children third. I strive to honor that and I look forward to having our little family of three, starting traditions, and enjoying more days like today.

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  1. This is truly touching:) My husband and I were married young (22) and have been married just over 2 years. Our first year was a nightmare and I kept thinking, why did we think we can do this? Now, I'm thankful for that year to look back and realize how much we've grown. God bless your little bundle and remember that during the times you want to kill hubby, he is just as new at this as you, he loves you, and he just wants to help:).