Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Celerie Kemble & Jamie Drake on Color

One of the best parts of having a photo shoot at our house this week is meeting all of the stylist, photographers, and editors. They have been beyond sweet and have been a real joy to have around. David Land, a photographer that I met through this process, shot a video for Celerie Kemble and Jamie Drake for Trad Home. 
Jamie Drake is known as the "king of color" and Celerie Kemble is a designer who's work, at least for me, defines the new traditional. I hope this charming video brightens up your day!


  1. Delightful video ! I love how they started off introducing each other and then turned it into a charming q&a . Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for you to reveal the happenings at your home:)))

  2. Thanks for sharing! Lunch break treat. Can't wait to hear about the shoot!