Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shopbop's Wish List

I always love seeing what other people are wearing and what is on their wish list. Even if their style is different than my style, I love seeing how they pull pieces together and how they make it their own. I think that's why blogs like Atlantic-Pacific, the Glamourai, and Wendy's Lookbook are so popular. 

Shopbop, one of my favorite online shops, featured a few of their employee's and their wish list for Mother's Day. Like the street bloggers, these women have incredible style (wouldn't it be a dream to work for Shopbop!?) but also have to balance their wardrobes with work and family life. 

The only thing that I would love to have for Mother's Day is an album of our maternity photos, birth photos, and Tilley-Gray's newborn photos, BUT  if I was forced to choose a few, I've rounded up items that I think make great Mother's Day gifts!

Monogram Necklace / Tulip painting by Jenny Andrews Anderson /Cocktail Ring by Loren Hope  
Monogram Pillow by Luxury Monograms / Ballet Flats by  Michael Kors / Vase by Jonathan Adler


  1. love your picks...and the shopbop picks too! i need a pair of cap toe flats asap. happy first mother's day!

  2. Love your wish list!! I am a mommy to my doggies! Does that count???