Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Loving Emerson Fry

Emerson Made came on the scene a few years ago showcasing handmade fabric flowers and pins. Fast forward to today, and those little flowers launched her into a full on fashion designer, now known as Emerson Fry. Her style is a little glam, a little prep, and a little boho. A combination that sounds unlikely, but is infused perfectly into her newest collection.

A few favorites...

 I absolutely would not classify these in the "mom clothes" category, however, I think the polish and style of Emerson Fry's clothing is perfect for where I am professionally and as a new mom.  Any of these would be perfect for a meeting with a client, a night on the town, or entertaining at home. I also love that in the majority of their photos, the  model is holding a Marie Antoinette style champagne glass. My favorite! 

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