Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 14 of Things I Love: Boats

One day, when my husband and I were at odds with each other, I asked him what his favorite thing in the world to do was... he said "fishing on a boat." Obviously, this is not what I was searching for, but shame on me for having a predetermined asnwer for him. To make life easier, I in turn, have come to have a love/hate relationship with boats, but mostly love. I say hate, because I take a boat to work everyday. But it's this boat and it's on a schedule and it's noisy and crowded and at times full of screaming children. Hate is the right word for that particular boat.
My love for boats came only in the past few years when I met my husband. He grew up on the water and only vacationed as a child in the Virgin Islands, where his family owns a sail boat. Him and his parents and his two brothers would stay for weeks on the boat and island hop from tiny island to tiny island. Sounds glamorous, doesn't it?
Through our courtship, our honeymoon, and now our marriage, we have had such good memories on boats.He loves fishing and wakes up at the crack when the fish are biting. I swear he only works so that he can one day by a Whaler or a Hunter. I do adore boats and the nostalgia that can go along with them. When we are on the boat, it can sometimes smell like fish guts, but the following are what boating would ideally look like for me...

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  1. I would love to be on one of those boats today. It's cold and rainy for what seems like the hundredth day in a row!!! ugh!!