Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 15 of Things I Love: Beauty Products that Work!

I am a true sucker for creams and lotions and make-up. When I walk into Nordstrom, I know that I am spending $100 at the make-up counters. I'm such a sucker. Being that way, I have been able to weed through some of the really bad products and in turn, find ones that really work.

 Do you look haggard and tired with dark circles under your eyes? Try YSL's touche eclat, it's the bomb. It can transform me into not looking like a complete crack head when I have a few weddings in a row and no sleep, coffee highs, and sugar rushes from cake. It's pricey, but it will last you a few months. .

I like big, Texas-style hair. I'm not talking perms and big bangs, I'm talking volume and curls. I sometimes even break out the 1970s hot rollers that my mother in law, Cherri, gave me. Don't judge.Hot rollers or not, this fiber lift by Shu Uemura gives me that extra umph that I need to make this happen.

I have a bad habit of getting lash extensions. Guilty again for being a little indulgent. My girlfriend does them and hooks me up in a major kind of way, but it is a little time consuming and can eventually get pricey. Diorshow mascara is the next best thing. I was a YSL mascara fan for a long time until this girl introduced me to Diorshow. It gives you gran daddy long leg lashes everytime. Obsessed.

This lotion is thick without being greasy and smells so good without being overpowering. It has a gorgeous lemony/rosemary smell and makes skin super soft. And it's French!

A little dusting of Jane Iredale's moonglow is perfect any day of the year. It bronzes without making you look orange, and if you skin is in prime condition, it's really all you need. It's made with 24 karat flakes and all of the colors blend to give you a really pretty look. I just discovered this last year and have worn it ever since.

Happy Monday!

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