Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 5 of Things I Love: The Country

There is something about the country that draws me in every time, maybe because it is so quiet and I can read and paint without feeling guilty about not doing other things. I love the sappy trees, the vast expanses of grass and the soft, clean air of the country.  I  long for a rocking chair, a big stone fireplace, and wine, all coupled with a weekend with great frends. What an absolute perfect retreat!

Cotswold Sheep ; I love the bells!
via Eddie Ross
Another beautiful white house in the country. Love!
photo via Cottage Living

What a doll! Outdoor living room of Michael Divine and Thomas Burack
photo via Country Living

What a perfect country house located in France! Devine!

Juicy Couture owner with her husband at their English country home. I love their proper way of dressing!

A spread of food perfect for a liesurely lunch

Beautiful plane trees

Vogue's version of the country; love, love, love.

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