Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 7 of Things I Love: Nancy Meyers Movies

Father of the Bride,The Holiday, Something's Gotta Give, What Women Want, and It's Complicated are all movies written and directed by the talented producer Nancy Meyers. These are all favorites of mine, especially Something's Gotta Give. The story line, characters, music, and the gorgeous homes are what give these movies that extra something special. If you haven't seen It's Complicated, drop what you are doing right now and go see it! It is hysterical and such a feel good movie. My husband owed me a favor after volunteering me to have an  intern that was a Judge's neice  ( of course I couldn't say no) so I made him go and see a chick flick with me, and he loved it! Maybe not his favorite movie of all time, but we laughed so hard our stomaches hurt.

The reason I can watch these movies over and over and  over are because every single time, I find something new and interesting in the homes that are shown. They are classic homes with a twist, whether it is the artwork or the layout. So beautiful!

My favorite movie of all time ...
Something's Gotta Give
I especially love the kitchen in Something's Gotta Give. This is a classic Hamptons home that has tons of charm. If you love French music, check out the soundtrack of this movie. It's great!

The Holiday
There are two homes highlighted in this movie. First, the Brentwood home of Cameron Diaz's character, and the English country home of Kate Winslet's character. Both are divine. Which is your favorite? I prefer the Brentwood home but I also think the country home is so  charming.

The English Cottage in
The Holiday
What a quaint, cozy house! I love the stone and the cozy rugs and the textiles used in this home. 

It's Complicated
This movie is set in southern California and has such beautiful homes and bakeries and gardens featured.

Which is your favorite Nancy Meyers movie house?

Happy Sunday!


  1. the Holiday!! Love, it's my fave. I can imagine that if it was out when we lived together, that me, you and Aleks would be watching it today with our mimosas and choc chip pancakes! xoxo

  2. Very cool posting! I love how you related your love of all things home with your love of NM movies! Next time I see a movie, I will be paying more attention to the living spaces!
    p.s. thanks for the cupcake shout out!!! :)

  3. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs! They are so refreshing and full of things that I love! I am looking forward to reading all of them!