Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 8 of Things I Love: Bobbles

I love bobbles, and oh my gawd does J.Crew deliver the goods this year or what!? It's not fair that they are all so cute. Anthro also has drop dead bobbles but we will get to them in a minute. 

Bobbles have always been a favorite of mine. First, because who has the money to buy the real thing. If one of the necklaces or bracelets I owned were real, it would probably be the only piece of jewelry I owned. Secondly, I grew up with women who's moto was "if it ain't big and gaudy I don't want it." I grew up going to those "jewrrry" parties. You remember those, don't you? Granted, those bobbles turned your skin green, but they always stood up to being big and gaudy, just how those women liked it.

J.Crew has come a long ways in the past year with their bobbles. This spring they have some of my favorites.  I'm having chairs recovered, so unless I want a divorce, I can't partake in purchasing these beauties.

The essence of lovliness courtesey of Anthropolgie


  1. Lindsey! Aghhhh I love your blog. I happened upon this via Facebook I believe, and poured over the entire thing this morning. ....while I should be working, HA. Anyhow, this is exactly the woman I always imagined you'd turn out to be when we were 15 and looking thru design magazines, dreaming of our homes next door to each other (with matching VW bugs of course). You have great taste girl. Looks like you're living a lovely life, so happy for you! Take care and have a happy Tuesday!
    -Katie Bloom

  2. Awww I love the bobbles too Linds!!! How presh. I'm loving all of your days of things you love. Miss you friend!!

  3. Katie! Hi long lost friend! Kiki, you are too sweet! You are all too sweet. Thank you everyone for such sweet comments. I'm loving blogging everyday, all of your comments; I feel the love!