Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 20 of Things I Love: Beach Music

Like the song by The Embers…”I love beach music. I always have and I always will”. In the spirit of warm weather and trips to the beach I felt like this was the perfect post for Lindsey’s Day 20! Not only is beach music a fave of mine, but since Lindsey lives at the beach, I tend to visit my “second home” more often in the summer months and am really looking forward to making trips there very soon!

Love for Beach music also comes with a love for “shaggin” (shag dancing), hanging out in the sand playing bocce ball and cards, and the ocean. Here are some shots from Wrightsville beach- the beach at Wilmington, NC.

Gray ridin the waves early morning! Practically has the ocean all to himself. This was last summer over 4th of July
pier at Wrightsville beach
the girls laying out at the beach- our fave spot in the summers!
sand dunes
Happy Beach Months ahead!!
XOXO, Kristin

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