Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 13 of Things I Love: Cocktails

(Forgive me for being a day behind...life just got really busy!)

I sure do love a good cocktail, but it's more than the actual cocktail that I love. 

I love having a bourbon ginger in special Carolina cups at the first football tailgate party of the season. (Obviously, I'm 100 months preg in this photo, so the in-laws parked under the deck to shade me and I was not partaking in the drinks. But this fall, I will be making up for last season!)

I love having a margarita on my first girl's night out talking about how real life just got. 

 I love having a martini in my mother-in-laws gallon size glasses sitting on their back porch looking at the waterway. 

And I love having cocktails after a long week when the husband gets home sitting on our front porch.

As we await the arrival of our very own bar cart from Society Social, here are a few of my favorites for your own bar at home!

Kate Spade Cocktail Glasses / Society Social Bar Cart / Greek Key Cocktail Napkins
Diane von Furstenberg Ice Bucket / Laguiole Wine Opener / Letterpress Coasters


  1. thanks for the shout out, linds! hopefully one day i'll make it back to wilmie and we can love on those cocktails together ;)

  2. just ordered the madison mixer cart from society social this evening! can't wait for it to come in :)

  3. I love a good bar cart! We need a "beverage" storage solution for our new house and I'm trying to talk the Mr into a fun bar cart like the madison. So cute!