Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 4 of Things I Love: Online Magazines

A few years ago, I was sitting in my office when I got the news. Domino Magazine was done. What!? This couldn't be. There wasn't another magazine out there like Domino. I looked forward to it every month. The husband knew not to open it from it's plastic. Domino and I would have a date every month on the day it arrived; a hot bath and big glass of wine. It was bliss. And then it was gone. 
Thankfully, Domino has (almost) been replaced by online magazines. Although I don't have the same routine when these come out (I would hate to drop my iPad in the tub but the glass of wine is certainly still a part of reading them) they do bring enormous joy when I do "thumb" through them. 

Matchbook Magazine happens to feature a few of my favorite blog friends including none other than my newest BF Shannon Darrough and the adorable Mackenzie Horan. The editor, Katie Armour has the cutest haircut ever. I wish I had the guts, and the eyebrows, to pull it off. Seriously chic. 

One of the first online magazines. There are rumors that Lonny is going under. Say it isn't so!

Ivy & Piper is an Australian online magazine and features gorgeous interiors. Those Australians really know how to design. 

Rue Magazine is another favorite that features swank interiors (recently Danielle's apartment from Breakfast at Toast was featured) as well as fashion, recipes, and parties. 

Do you have any favorite online magazines? 

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