Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 17 of Things I Love: Stripes

My love affair with stripes can be borderline obsessive. I have to stop myself when shopping to not buy another striped shirt. You would think that when I was pregnant I would have stopped wearing horizontal stripes. Clearly, I didn't follow that fashion rule. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess!

This Tibi jacket in particular gets my heart rate up. I would wear it with these pants, and these sweet shoes. And look who sported it during New York Fashion Week. 

Some other favorite stripes?

Even my little loves stripes...

These are all on my wardrobe wish list. I just ordered the striped napkin rings from Diane von Furstenberg. Are they not gorgeous? (and on sale here!)


  1. Our family is striped obsessed! We come down ready for an outing all dressed in stripes and have to duke it out to see who will go change;) I never tire of this classic, never!

  2. LoveT-G's stripes! And those napkin rings. I just had to ask myself the other day, "How many striped tee shirts are too many striped tee shirts?" I feel your obsession.

  3. Like you I always gravitate towards stripped shirts when I buy something new, I have soo many and so does my little girl, she looks great in stripes!