Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 28 of Things I Love: Blue & White Interiors

I love blue and white interiors. This may come as a surprise as I generally lean towards a slightly more modern glam aesthetic, but these images pull at my heart strings. One of my favorite taste makers, Carolyne Roehm, has an entire book dedicated to this color duo. Blue and white interiors are so classic, so fresh, and if done right, can be timeless.

What do you think about blue and white interiors?


  1. I am such a fan of blue and white and can't wait to someday have a house with a blue and white kitchen. :)

  2. I just posted my blue and white kitchen banquette on Pinterest Lizzie Fitz w/ pink peony icon:)

  3. Absolutely love them! That Jk Capri living room is been in my favorites for ever!

  4. i wish our interiors are white and blue too!
    they look really nice!

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  5. We are such fans of blue and white and the living room with the seagrass rug and the kitchen with the blue tile are definitely a part of our imaginary beach house...gorgeous images!!