Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? Mine was a complete whirlwind spent working on my new blog design (it's not quite done but what do y'all think so far?), hanging out with college friends, spending time at the house, and having our house shown to potential buyers! It's not on the market but they were interested so we told them to come on in. It's an exciting but nerve racking place to be in, but another house means more projects, which I love!

Polly is starting to come around to Tilley-Gray. I'm sure once Tilley-Gray starts throwing food on the ground, they will become best buddies. 

We do whatever it takes for a giggle out of Tilley-Gray. This was early Saturday morning on a caffeine high. Tilley-Gray was hysterical. 

We have the sweetest neighbor that offered to babysit for us so that we could go out to dinner with our friends. Kristin is one of my best friends from college and it was so good to see her this weekend!

We had the best dinner at a restaurant in Wilmington called Crow Hill. It's southern food with a twist and they had a bluegrass band playing that night. 

For dessert, we ordered the s'mores and were tickled when they came out like this. DIY dessert?! Love it!

As much as we love spending time with Tilley-Gray, it was nice to have dinner without her. Typically we trade off  who is holding her or eat standing up because we are in such a rush. It was nice to have wine and a full meal and adult conversation. It was a much needed break!

My friend Kristin has an adorable King Charles Spaniel puppy Kinsington. Her and Polly had fun playing and this was best photo I could take of them the entire weekend. 

Polly, in her old age, has started to love accessorizing. This is her latest look. :)


  1. LOVE the new look!! Also, looks like an amazing weekend.. the bumbo on the head is pretty classic!!

  2. LOVE the new look of your blog! And LOVE dinners out with my husband. Now that we have two babes, I swear we really do sit and talk about them and wonder how they're doing without us the whole time. Gotta work on that!

  3. I love all you girls accessories (Tilley-Gray's headband, Polly's hat and your necklace)! Can you share where you found the necklace?

    1. Hi Tamara! I bought my necklace at a local boutique called Oliver but they also sell them online at shopbop!

  4. Great new look!!! He he i had giggle of that pic in the caffeine high state;)

  5. the new design is really good! simple and clean and pretty! :)

  6. love the white shirt your friend is wearing! who makes it?

  7. New blog is looking good! The things we do to make our children smile ;) Cute pictures of y'alls night out, I can relate on time away. Not often do we break away from ours, but when we do--it is well deserved! We our looking forward to a spring dance @ the Country Club next Friday night and I can hardly wait. OH--love your necklace as well..You are gonna die when I say this, but it looks like colored noodles from here (you know the ones we used to make as kids)I may have to bop on over to shopbop and check 'em out! :P Hope y'all have a super week.