Friday, September 25, 2009

Good News Friday

I can honestly say that I have never been actually addicted to anything in my life. Yes, I love my coffee in the morning and red wine at night, but if I had to stop, I could. When Domino magazine announced its last issue this past winter, my palms grew sweaty and my stomach began to churn. No Domino? How could this be? Why do I not get a say in this break-up? The days that my Domino magazine would come in the mail, my husband would place it on our dining room table and leave me be for hours to search through it. After a while, he grew a fan as well, although he knew not to take it out of the plastic before I got home. No matter how bad my day had been, the day that my Domino magazine came in, it could always cheer me up. OK. I had a slight additction.

Well girls and guys, I think this addict may have a relapse. Enter Lonny magazine. Lonny Magazine is in the works for an October 1st release date and is a spin-off of Domino magazine. Rubie Green creator, Michelle Adams, is the person behind the scenes for Lonny Magazine along with dozens of other incredibly talented people.

I can't wait until the magazine debuts. I'm sure it will arrive on my kitchen table along with a big glass of red wine.

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