Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tori and Dean

Don't judge; I love Tori Spelling. I love her show and her family and her crazy lifestyle. I was browsing one of my favorite stationary blogs, Chocolate Butterbean, when I found out that she actaully designed the signs for Tori and Dean's anniversary ceremony! Take a peak...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exciting News....

(Future office inspiration via Domino)

I quit my job today. For real. I was shaking all morning, trying to find the words to say, browsing blogs, when I found this from one of my favorite blogs, I Suwannee. It was exactly what I needed to get me out of my chair and talk to my boss. 
 I turned in my resignation letter to my boss and left a good paying job with health benefits and paid time off to start my own business. I never thought I would be scared, but after I did it, I freaked out a little bit. Thank goodness I have a husband that can pay the bills, but beyond that, I still can't believe that I finally found the nerve to do so. I really love planning weddings, which is what I do now, but I want to do it on a more extended, intricate level with clients instead of just selling the venue and the food and beverage aspect. It is such a passion of mine and I'm so excited but scared all at the same time. 
 I'm  really lucky because I already have clients for the Fall. I'm really lucky because I have vendors that want to work with me and recommend me. I'm really lucky because I have great friends and a family that supports me and may even help me for free if need be. (I pay in champagne and chocolate for girls, scotch and cigars for the boys)
I'll be on the island until the end of July, seeing all of my summer brides through their receptions. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know  want to get into event planning,let me know! If you know anyone that needs a wedding planner, you can let me know too!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Southern Flourish

Southern Flourish is a new online magazine that is pretty fab. It's short and sweet without too many advertisements and celebrates artist, designers, and musicians from the South. Definitely worth a look!

Mrs. Lilien's Styling House

A blog you need to know...

Mrs. Lilien shares her whit and charm through this...

Every Mrs needs an occasional get-a-way - so this one's stealing off for a weekend of play. She's packed her duffle with just a few Mrs necessities - and headed off to do just what she darn she pleases! It's time to unwind and kick up her heels - recharge her batteries and do Mrs cartwheels! She'll be barreling down the interstate with the wind billowing through her Mrs hair - giddy as all get out sans a single Mrs care!
1. 1962 Vespa 2. Hermes, Christopher Columbus Scarf 3. Karen Walker, X-Ray Vision Sunglasses 4. White Sunburst Clip-ons 5. Violet May, Balman Travel Bag 6. Valentino, Bow Espadrilles

It goes without saying that this Mrs loves her some leisure - and, she's positively pleased to partake in a picnic for her pleasure! There's a special ritual in packing a Mrs picnic basket - she'll only bring the good stuff and wouldn't be caught dead using plastic! She's certain to pack all of her picnic making necessities - the perfect noshes and sips to liven up the festivities. Good domestic caviar, a nice baguette and mini bottles of champagne - there's no potato salad here, how predictable and mundane! What's a picnic without some music for your Mrs ears - she'll bring along a radio to play some tunes for you to hears! With her basket all packed, and her Mrs self suitably stacked - she's ready for a picnic party and baby, that's a fact! She'll mount her trusty two-wheeler - and starts her ride with a giggle and a squealer. With the breeze blowing thru her Mrs hair - she'll pedal like the wind without a single Mrs care. You'll be thrilled to have this Mrs as your sidekick - she'll absolutely knock your socks off at her smokin' hot Mrs picnic!

1. Abici, Amante Donna Bike [via : here] 2. Kate Spade, Picnic Bike Basket 3. Veuve Clicquot Rose 4. Hermes, Sur Les Rives Du Leman Scarf 5. Jcrew, A.R. Trapp Troubadour Sunglasses 6. Kate Spade, Blowing Baubles Ring 7. Kate Spade Lorelei Earrings 8. Le Baguette 9. Swanson Wild American Hackleback Caviar 10. Classic Bike Bell 11. Roberts Revival Radio 12. Cb2, Finger Food Plate Rings

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Calligraphy Stamp

I adore these calligraphy address stamps by Primele. I love sending and receiving mail and think this just another step to make it ultra personal.

Friday, June 18, 2010

New digs

The sofa and chairs arrived today! I am at work, awaiting a rehearsal dinner tonight, but had to sneak away to share these images the husband just sent me. I'm DYING to see them in person. What do you think?

Sorry for the fuzzy appearance. Gray sent it from his blackberry. I'm dying to see it in person, but the leather is pebbled and from Designers Guild. The sofa is from the dump in Chapel Hill that Gray thew in his truck just before we moved to Wilmington. I'm pretty sure rats were living in it and the wood had been gnawed on by termites. She has had major surgery, but I love the final product.
The pillows are the ones mentioned here, and I love the dragon man on them more than life itself. More pillows are being made right now in a great silk stripe to go behind the dragon man. Can't wait to show you those when they arrive!

These are what Sarah (my fab designer friend) calls "Hollywood" chairs. She has a crystal clear understanding how deep my obsession with Kelly Wearstler is, and knows that these are Hollywood Regency style at it's best. The fabric is from the $7.99 fabric store. It's also indoor/outdoor dog proof. Double score. Pillows to come on these babies as well.

This is an overall view of the living area. Sarah and I still have a lot that is cookin' right now, including paint, draperies, lamps, and side tables, but I love what we have started. The house is finally starting to feel like our home and I couldn't be more excited!  

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chic Ashtray

Smoking is disgusting, I know. The husband doesn't smoke cigarettes, thank gawd, but he does puff on a pipe or cigar once in a while. I told you, he is an old soul. Either are  still disgusting, but tolerable on occassion. The problem, other than the obvious, is that I cannot find a chic ashtray. I found an Hermes ashtray, but it is $600! Gorgeous, but I would rather have a great scarf or a fab new pair of shoes. Any advice?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Red Balloon Save the Dates

Save-the-dates are a great introduction to the actual wedding. How clever is this save the date by Office Optimist? 

Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers is a genius idea that food stylist and photographer Karen Mordechai started a few years back in Brooklyn.
"Sunday Suppers are offered once or twice a month and take place in a loft in Williamsburg Brooklyn. A group of 14-20 strangers are taught by guest chefs to prepare a meal from scratch. The class is followed by a wonderful communal dining experience with new friends."

 Is that not the greatest idea ever? What they fail to mention is that they also have gorgeous centerpieces and great bars set up. They have a new website that is drop dead and now have recipes and menus that you can use in your own kitchen.

Some of my favorites from them are:
Make your own martini bar
What a great idea for a cocktail party at your house? The only  bad thing about hosting a party is playing bar tender all night. This gives your guests a way to be interactive while letting you enjoy the party as well.
Sunday Suppers never let guests leave empty handed and have the most clever favor ideas. This "Cuddle Cocoa" is by the creator of Chewing the Cud. I love the typography and the materials used.

photography by Karen Mordechai

Thursday, June 10, 2010

J.Crew Bridal Boutique is Open!

J. Crew has finally opened their bridal boutique! Isn't that exciting! I am the biggest fan of Oscar and Carolina, Vera and Monique, but when it comes down to it, would you rather have a fabulous dress or an open bar and band? My vote is opt out of the fancy designer dress and throw a killer party! J.Crew offers beautiful dresses that are affordable enough to have the best of both worlds!