Friday, April 30, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

Me, Shelby, and the gorgeous bride Jennifer
(all Chi Omega sorority sisters!)

Every girl always dreams of the day they get married, and my friend Jennifer's wedding in April was beyond a dream come true. Every ounce of her ceremony and reception was so chic and so sophisticated. I am never a guests at weddings because of my job, and truth be known, I have missed a lot of my good friend's weddings because I'm planning other brides' weddings. It was great to be on the other side this time, enjoying the party and partaking in the festivities!

When Jennifer asked me to be her matron of honor, I was so excited and felt like such a lucky girl. I have been a bridesmaid a few times, but being able to stand right next to her as she said her vows was so completely special. Jen and her new husband, Kyle, are perfect for each other and are totally in love.

Thanks again Jennifer for letting me be a part of such a fabulous day!

Photos by Rebecca and Lindsay of the fabulous Millie Holloman studio

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little granola style a la Elizabeth Gilbert

As women, I think we all beat ourselves up too much, we are our worst critic, and at times, we say or do things that bring other women down so that we feel better. Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favorite authors (Eat, Love, Pray) and wrote an article for O Magazine that I forwarded on to all of my good girlfriends today. I almost never send things like this, because I typically despise things like this. The response that I received from my girls was overwhelming! It either made their day or enlightened them or encouraged them. Well, if one little article can do that for my girlfriends, I just had to share the story with you all. Read on, forward if you like, and enjoy!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Nesting Newbie On-line Magazine

You all know my obsession with interior design, fashion, home, cooking, etc. etc. magazines. Lonny magazine, an interior design online magazine has been featured here more than a few times. I have a love/hate relationship with online magazines because taking my laptop in the bathtub is not a very good idea and I can't rip the pages out and tuck them away for the future as I do with my other magazines. Nesting Newbie is a new online magazine that focuses on entertaining, interior designs, and cooking. Take a peek and let me know what you think!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boxed Invitations

I love any element of surprise when it comes to planning events and what better way to set the mood of the party than with a boxed invitation. Jordan Ferney, author and letterpress design extraordinaire from Oh Happy Day! , designed a boxed invitation for a baby shower. The sweet surprise was the Lemonhead  candies at the bottom of the box.  
This idea can be incorporated into any kind of event. Even if it isn't a box, any 3-d element on an invitation excites the recipients and ensures a great first impression.

Currently Loving and Listening to...

Lykke Li
I am holed up in my office today, cranking out diagrams and timelines, and Lykke Li's music has me energized and inspired. The Pandora station is killer.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gorgeous Baby Shower

I love a party and I use any excuse to throw a get together. When it happens to be a good girlfriend's baby shower, it is so necessary to go all out. A lot of  my friends are making the leap into motherhood and although it freaks the husband out, I couldn't be happier. (Kristin, don't worry, I am not getting preg)  

My friend Karson and I are starting to plan our good friend and momma-to-be Liz's baby shower. Karson is so creative and talented and I am beyond thrilled to collaborate on such a joyous event.

In the meantime, I stumbled across this gorgeous baby shower designed by none other than the fabulous ladies behind Soiree. It is such a classic luncheon and without the tacky paper doilles and bows that so many of my fellow southern ladies insist on. If the baby shower is this great, imagine what the nursery is going to look like!

photography by Liz Banfied

Fur and Feathers from our friends at J.Crew

I know, I know, it's not even summer and I'm already talking about fur and feathers and wool and tweed. I just can't help myself. J.Crew's fall 2010 collection is sick. I love how J.Crew is all about a classic with a twist, bringing old school back with tons of charm and whit.

I live in a beach town where some girls like to wear a little less, and I'm not sure if I have told you all or not, but I have two single brother-in-laws. When we are all out, those girls in less flock to those three handsome Cheek boys. I'm typically less than a fan of those type of girls. If all of those girls would get a clue, dress like the darlings in the J.Crew magazines, maybe they could land one of those two boys. Those girls would be a lot more interesting if they didn't have a body part or two hanging out. 

Ok, off my soapbox and on to the goods....

This feather vest is beyond gorgeous. I need it immediately.
I love how this collection is a little urban and country. It is a fantastic mix of high and low. Love

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Around here, we celebrate birthdays for more than a few days. Why not? My birthday is in October, and at times, I have celebrated it from Labor Day until Halloween. My sweet husband shares a birthday with his older brother (just one day apart, but still, with extended birthdays it counts), so their birthday celebrations last weeks and weeks.
Tonight, I will not be able to attend a grand birthday dinner because, sigh, I have a wedding. To make up for this major party foul, I am planning a most fantastic birthday party tomorrow for those two boys... Keg Kickball. Yes, yes, redneck it may be to have kegs and sporting events, but you wouldn't believe the response in rsvps. Here's the plan
  • Locate a park with big willow trees to hang gorgeous (but manly) flag banners and streamers
  • Bake Buy delish cupcakes in spring flavors including key lime, pink lemonade, and coconut
  • Purchase keg and other delighful refreshments
  • Make yummy comfort food including gourmet pigs in a blanket, popcorn, woopie pies, dips, etc
  • Invite a ton of fun people, their dogs, and their neighbors
Hopefully, everything will go as planned. I have ordered a few rentals (I just can't help myself) and even have cute goody bags for the attendees. Wish me luck in hosting this party for two of my favorite boys!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Simple Life: Part 2

This dreamboat couple left their hectic Manhatten life and moved to a farm in Rhode Island. This is Emerson and Ryan of Emersonmade, a fab little design shop that sells gorgeous fabric flower pins and bobbles and all sorts of charming things. They are the makers and models for their inspiring company that is ran out of an old mill nearby their new farmhouse. Doesn't that sound so glamorous and non-stressful and charming?

Meet Emerson and Ryan

Their farm isn't just a farm. They have croquet and cocktails in the evenings

Emerson cooks

while her Mr. gardens

A trip to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning starts the weekend out perfectly

Now, meet their charming farmhouse...

So necessary; a place for boots and jackets and guns.
I love the black countertops and open shelving.

Perfect storage solutions with apothocary jars and woven baskets

Monogrammed towels and a party banner in the poweder room. Love it!

all photos via

What would you choose? Houseboat or Farmhouse? I have to say that my decision is split so I would take both, thank you.Either one would produce so  much creativity, so much pleasure, and so many great dinner parties, I don't think I could pick just one.  

Happy Monday!


A Simpler Life

It's been a while because my life has been chaotic these past few weeks. Wedding season is upon us, and with that comes a lot of long hours, a lot of sleepless nights, as well as a lot of noise. Do you know what I am talking about? Not loud noise, although for the most part things are VERY loud; but a lot of chaos and commotion and wasted time of worrying. I am in the process of planning to simplify my life. I long for a simple, more quiet, less stressful life. Gone the three hour a day commute, gone the hundreds of emails a day; I want the me that I lost with all of that noise back. I hope I can do it, because this is a lot to give up. Most days, I love all of the "noise" that surrounds me. It is exciting and I do something that I absolutely love. I just need a little space to breath, a space to refocus and energize. I need to see my husband and my friends. I want to have cookouts and dinner parties and leisurely afternoons on the weekend. I know that they say the grass is always greener, but this time, I really think it is.
Thanks for listening and please send along any encouraging words because this is a big leap I am preparing to take. In the meantime, I want to share some fabulous gals that have chosen a simplified life.
First up is author Josie Curren. Her and her boyfriend live in England on a house boat. Yes, a house boat. My husband would die to do this and I can't blame him. How much fun would it be to wake up and have breakfast while cruising on the water? Have a few friends over for fresh fish and cocktails? Perfection.