Thursday, December 30, 2010

I love having a wedding on New Year's Eve (I really do!) but if I had the night off, I promise you I would be in one of these chic little things featured in the Intermix lookbook


Net-a-porter bridal

 I hope you all have a glam New Year's Eve! Tomorrow I have a long day preparing for my first New Year's Eve wedding!

Happy New Year! Thank you all for your loyalty and support. You all have really made my year!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hilarious ...

...but still not ever driving a mini-van.
This year has been the year of change, the year of growth, and the year that I had a lot of long term goals and dreams become reality. 

I quit a job with a steady pay check and health insurance (and a three hour commute) to start my own company; then was overjoyed when I was asked to be a part of a well known and loved event design company in Wilmington. I'm humbled and inspired every day and I know that I am right where I am supposed to be. 

I gave my husband daily heart attacks by buying, reupholstering, wallpapering, draping, and painting nearly every inch of our house. I spent a lot of time browsing design blogs and emailing my dear friend, and brilliant interior designer, Sarah Harmon. My house is now a well-loved space that finally feels like home.

My husband took me to Paris, a place that I have been dreaming about for as long as I can remember. 

I cried a lot and made a lot of mistakes. I prayed a lot and became stronger this year because of those mistakes. A lot of good things came out of some of those mistakes. 

Friends got married, friends became pregnant, and friends got divorced. I'm amazed by their grace and strength through all of these things. 

I cooked, practiced yoga, started training for a 10k (and quit shortly after), hosted grown up dinner parties, bought a house, started a garden (and then killed the garden), blogged, and made a lot of new friends. This year has been so full of friends and change and love and excitement. I’m looking forward to 2011 and all of it’s possibilities.

Images by Mike Monteiro

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hermes Love

Up until recently, I was a little terrified of actually wearing an Hermes scarf until I discovered this website and saw how glamorous girls around the world wear their Hermes scarves. If you didn't love Hermes before, you will most certainly love it now. 

My favorite girl featured is Ella, from Paris. You can check out all of the other Hermes girls here

Anna, from London

Harley, from New York

I'm not an Hermes girl, not officially at least, but if they asked me, this is what I would say:

 wedding planner

 Anywhere I can dress up and eat good food

 A little bit of this, a little bit of that

 My current scarf is framed above my bar, but the next scarf will be worn like a necklace and belted

 The silhouette of Polly, my king charles spaniel

An orange ostrich birkin bag, lots of enamal bangles, a cream cashmere throw, and an unlimted card for the Paris store

Here is a little peak of what my current Hermes scarf looks like

PS: Thank you for all of your sweet notes on my blog design. Kelly from Fabulous K Creative created it and I couldn't be happier! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crazy for Kate

I'm dying over these Kate Spade holiday images.

Taking a few days off to be with family over the holidays. I'm in Hickory today with Mom and have started cooking for our 12 person dinner party tonight! Don't you just love the holidays?

I hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Half United

Last night the husband and I met up with some friends and family to watch the UNC basketball game. While we were watching the game, I started talking to a mutual friend who was showing my brother in law the coolest bullet necklace. (Stay with me now) That kind of thing is exactly his style. Not only was it a great guy's necklace, it is made by a local company called Half United. This Wilmington company makes t-shirts and accessories and gives HALF of the total sale to charity. What an amazing concept, right?

What would you say if I told you there is a clothing company that is more concerned with caring than consumerism? That this company believes business can and should be profitable- but giving back should always top the list when it comes to their bottom line? And what if I told you this company puts you at the epicenter of their cause- because every time you purchase one of their products, you personally feed a child in need?
This is what HALF UNITED is all about.
In the summer of 2009 HALF United was founded by a young aspiring entrepreneur named Carmin Black who had just returned home to North Carolina after traveling the country on behalf of TOMS Shoes. Inspired by the TOMS One for One movement Carmin joined forces with her brother and many of their friends to create a company that would feed children in need with every purchase made.
The name HALF United stems from the idea that when you purchase their products that’s only HALF of what you’re doing- YOU are also personally feeding a child in need.
At HALF our main goal is to unite our family, our friends, and supporters to peacefully protest global hunger. We realize none of us can eradicate hunger alone, but United there’s nothing we cannot accomplish.
Thank you for doing your HALF.

You can find more information and buy online here

 This is a great local company and I would love to see it's popularity grow beyond Wilmington. Please share via blog, facebook, and twitter!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Touches

How is your Christmas week going? I am happy to say, that all of my shopping is finished and I just wrapped the final present to go under our tree. Whew!
 Here are a few photos that I hope will inspire those of you that are still shopping and wrapping (or just starting to shop).