Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm back... and not a bit more tan

The Bahamas was FREEZING. That's right. Bitter, freezing, cold. Seven days away from bone chilling North Carolina only to arrive in a "unseasonably" cold Bahamas. The bathing suit did not go on one time. Not only was it cold, the wind was blowing 40 miles an hour. Cold and windy....?

What's a family to do when snorkel gear and bathing suits aren't an option in the islands? 


The Cheeks went to Senor Frogs our first day in the Bahamas. We were there at 10:45am and stayed for a good long time. Long enough for karaoke and this madness to happen. 
Grayson sang his beloved Digital Underground "Humpty Dance" before noon on a Monday morning. 
People ate it up. A white boy that can rap.

Clif, Baxter, and Gray at Senor Frogs

The Bahamas were crazy cold and the waters were super choppy from all of the wind. I was so close to loosing it on the boat but the husband told me his best advice which was to "just keep drinking." 

 After lunch and shopping, we went to the Atlantis and visited the aquariam. It was amazing and so serene! I could have spent all day there just watching the fish.

 We made a stop in Key West on the last day and finally ran in to some wamer weather.  Uncle Alan (the Cheek boys Uncle) was a Key West playboy for 30 or so years before moving to Costa Rica and taught them their way around Key West as a local would know. 

 I love the all of the art in Key West! 

Other than the obvious tourist jaunts in Key West, the architecture and colors are so incredible to look at. I especially love these shutters on the most Southern House in America.

I am both obsessed and terrified with all of the free roaming chickens and roosters in Key West. At lunch, a chicken was roosting right under my chair and could have cared less! 

Going on vacation is always such a treat, but I always love coming home.
Tomorrow we are one of five houses hosting our neighborhood's annual Christmas Crawl and Gray and I are busy prepping the house and catching up on emails and phone calls. 

Exciting things are happening around here this week, including a new and improved blog design by Fabulous K Creative! I can't wait to see what Kelly has come up with and how everything turns out!

Have a great weekend!