Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Sponsor: Loren Hope

Loren Hope jewelry is at the tip top of my all time favorite jewelery designers. Her pieces are gorgeous  and every time I wear one of her pieces, it always makes that outfit feel a bit more pulled together. Loren asked Poplin & Queen to be a part of her Fall look book and Shannon and I were over the moon. 

A little camera shy, especially knowing that we were going to be in the company of fashion bloggers (which Shannon and I are not), we pulled ourselves together as best we could (work projects kept us away from manicures/make-up/blow outs that we were hoping for) and snapped a few photos.

 I nearly stroked when I saw that Blaire Eadie and I were mere pages away. 

Out of all of the collections Loren has created, this Fall is my favorite. I love Art Deco jewelry and love that she has taken a classic shape and updated it by adding pops of color in the stones. 

I love every single piece in this collection, but the Greta Necklace, Clara Earrings, and Ram Door Knocker Bracelet are my favorites. 

Thanks so much to Loren for including Poplin & Queen in your look book ! It was such an honor!
Be sure to give Loren Hope a warm welcome! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Poplin & Queen Office E-Design

I'm sorry I have been a little less present these past few weeks, but it's because we have been so busy with new interior design clients. Shannon and I couldn't be more thrilled, especially when working with such sweet clients like the one we designed this office for. 
This stationary extraordinaire has impeccable taste, but just didn't have the time or energy to translate that into an office space. She came to Poplin & Queen with only one request; a space that was as stylish as it was functional. Oh, and it needed to be on a tight budget. 

Here is the before photo she sent us:

Designing a space that needs to be functional, organized, and presentable when clients come in can be tricky, but the key to this office was storage and a clean color palette. We added a graphic wallpaper on the back wall to anchor the room, an entire wall of built in bookshelves to give her plenty of storage, and brass elements to give it a little pop of glam.  

 Interested in having a space at your home or office designed by Poplin & Queen?
 Just email me at:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Southern Roots with Larkin Poe

I feel so blessed to have been born and raised in the foothills of North Carolina. A small town girl with big city dreams, I traveled and explored but realized that my true dreams were going to be made with my feet planted firmly in Southern soil. 
Music played a huge part in my childhood and Grayson and I are trying to give Tilley-Gray that same experience. While Grayson may blast beach music and Motown from his childhood, my upbringing leads more to a bluegrass, American roots sound. 
Southern Living magazine is one of my favorite sources for inspiration in interiors and entertaining, but last night I found a new favorite band, Larkin Poe. The Lovell sisters who named their duo after their great, great, great, great grandfather are soulful songwriters from Georgia. 
Larkin Poe joined Southern Living for a Biscuit & Jam session recently. 

Listening to them brings back memories of Sunday afternoons on my front porch listening to my father, grandfather, and his eight brothers playing bluegrass after Church.
 I may not be able to give Tilley-Gray that exact experience, but having music like Larkin Poe certainly makes the background music feel the same. 

Tilley-Gray is sweeter than ever and has been bouncing up and down to our new favorite band, Larkin Poe (white skinny jeans and all!) . 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Current Obsession: Cornice Boards

Depending on where you live, you might be calling these beauties valences or pelmet boards, but to me, they are cornice boards. I've been obsessed with them for the past few years and it looks like I'm not the only one! I love that can finish off a window and add architecture to an otherwise average room. In a bathroom, a bedroom, a dining room, or a kitchen, I love a cornice board. 


What do you think about these, and what do you call them?

Friday, August 17, 2012

This entry way is pretty perfect. What do you think?

I love the hardware and the color of these cabinents. (It's Farrow and Ball paint  in Down Pipe)

The striped fabric, boxwoods, and weathered stone make this patio so gorgeous.

This weekend we are spending time with my family at the beach. It will be nice to have a few extra hands on deck with Tilley-Gray, especially since she has decided that she doesn't need to nap this week!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Urban Electric's Chisolm Hall Lantern

I was reading the September issue of House Beautiful this weekend and fell in love with a pair of lanterns that Ashley Whittaker used in a kitchen. After doing a little digging, I found out that they are made in Charleston, SC at Urban Electric Company.  They are so beautiful and timeless, but the powder coat finishes are what make them really bring a room together for me. 

After a few more clicks, I saw other spaces where these lanterns have been used. They are massive and make a statement in a room for sure. 
Amy Bergman

Are you a fan of lanterns inside or do you think they should be kept outside?
Where would you use this lantern? 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pop of Color

Pop of Color, or #poc as it's known in the twitter world, is old news, I know, but I'm a big believer in it. A bold accessory pulls an outfit together and a bright lipstick can add glamour to the most tired of faces, but what about a front door? 

A rusty orange, perfect for Fall. 

This would be perfect in Palm Beach, but I'm not so sure the husband would go for it here!

A bright yellow with black hardware would definitely add a pop. 

Red would be great in a high gloss paint. 

And then, there is always Kelly green. My all time favorite. 

A few things to consider when painting your front door:
What direction does your house face? Our house gets the afternoon sunlight and doesn't have a ton of shade, so a deeper color like red or orange would work really well. 

The door that we have doesn't have a lot of pretty architecture to it, so adding great hardware, like a great door knob and knocker can dress up a less than stellar door. 

Lighting is so important on the front of the house and should compliment your door and it's color. I wouldn't put the same lighting on an orange door as I would with a Kelly green door. 

I've been debating for a few months now on what color I want to paint my front door. When we moved in, it was a hideous burgundy, my absolute least favorite color. We painted it as soon as we moved in a colonial blue, but I'm so bored with it. When we were in Paris a few years ago, I remember all of the buildings having gorgeous, bright doors. My house is light blue, so my options are pretty endless on what color would look good. What do y'all think? What color would you choose? 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Come and Sit for a Spell

Mackenzie Horan, from Design Darling, has been doing a series asking her readers questions about themselves to start a conversation with them. I have always participated, but have never thought of doing it here at Fifi Cheek. I kind of secretly think that no one actually reads my blog. It's easier on me that way, and when I do meet readers in the coffee shop or on the street, I get really embarrassed and then I think just how lucky and blessed that I have readers that are so sweet and supportive. Getting to know my readers and hearing from you in comments and emails really does make my day!
Sometimes blogging can seem like a very one sided conversation and I would love for y'all to participate in this new series that I'm starting so I can get to know each of you a little bit better. 

image via

Guilty Pleasure:
Biggest Fear:
Next Project:
Fashion Icon:
I wish I Could Do More:
#1 of my Fall Fashion Wishlist:
Favorite Cocktail:
When I'm Alone, I'm Happiest:

Just copy and paste this with your answers in the comments section. I can't wait to read them!

Here are my answers:
Guilty Pleasure: Nespresso every morning
Biggest Fear: Failure
Next Project: Reworking our backyard
Fashion Icon: Olivia Palermo
I Wish I Could Do More: Yoga
#1 on My Fall Fashion Wishlist: Cozy Sweaters 
Favorite Cocktail: Sauvignon Blanc
When I'm Alone, I'm Happiest: In a hot bath with a fresh stack of magazines

I can't wait to see your answers!
Be sure to go over to Design Darling as well!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Recap + Sail to Sable Winner

This weekend, Grayson and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, attended an outdoor concert, went to two 1st birthday parties, and managed to get to the beach for a few hours on Sunday morning.  It was one of the best weekends we have had and definitely a great anniversary weekend. 

The first birthday party had a Pirate theme. Tilley-Gray wasn't too happy about the eye patch!

 Sunday's party was a little more her speed, at the pool and a mermaid theme. I forgot to take my camera in, but did manage to bring  party hats home. Polly (right) was a good sport and kept her hat on to entertain Tilley-Gray. 

Sunday morning at the beach

I have been so blessed with great friends here in Wilmington and and I was lucky enough to be able to go into business with one of them. Shannon and her husband, Will, dropped this off on our anniversary. I just thought that was one of the most thoughtful things somebody could do. An anniversary is a big deal to the two people celebrating it, but to have your friends support and celebrate with you is so special. 

And on to another celebration...
Congratulations to Lacy! You are the winner of the Sail to Sable tunic! I'm so jealous, as I'm sure the other girls that entered, and will just have to save my pennies to purchase one of those tunics myself!
Email me details!

How was your weekend?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Swimming Babies + 5 Year Anniversary

This morning started out with Tilley-Gray's first swim class. It was so precious to see her and all of her baby buddies splashing in the water and being so brave when they had their first dunk. 

Tomorrow is my 5 year wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that we have been together almost 10 years and married 5 years. I'm one lucky girl that I found someone to put up with me and my crazy.
Happy Anniversary to my sweet, patient, supportive husband! 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Styling a Porch


If you are lucky enough to have a porch, especially a covered porch, you should take advantage of all of that extra square footage. We use our front porch as a second living room, spending most of our time on it in the evenings. We have most of our meals sitting on our porch, entertaining friends, and most recently, it's been Tilley-Gray's favorite place because we blow bubbles on the front porch.

If you have a porch that is lacking fashion and function, it can be easily updated with just a few things. A porch swing is a must for me (seen here) as well as a washable rug, lighting that can be dimmed, a bar cart or ice chest of some sort, and some great little trees or plants to cozy it up. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesdays are for Winners (and a Short Story)

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week has been great so far! Thank you for all so much for your comments about Parker & Rain. After tallying all of the comments, the winner of a Parker & Rain tray is Kilbi!
 Kilbi, email me your information and I will put you and Alex in touch! Congratulations!

In other news, my obsession with shorts has expanded recently and I've found a few that I couldn't just keep to myself. I wear shorts on a regular basis and my favorite ones are the ones that I dress up. Yesterday, a middle age lady ran after me (literally, sprinted and was out of breath when she reached me) to ask me where I got my shorts from. After that happened, I figured that you all may want to know some of my recent favorites. 

Do you have any favorite finds? I'd love to hear!