Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Current Obsession: Cornice Boards

Depending on where you live, you might be calling these beauties valences or pelmet boards, but to me, they are cornice boards. I've been obsessed with them for the past few years and it looks like I'm not the only one! I love that can finish off a window and add architecture to an otherwise average room. In a bathroom, a bedroom, a dining room, or a kitchen, I love a cornice board. 


What do you think about these, and what do you call them?


  1. If you can find something non-tacky to do with them and a triple bay window, post it please!

  2. Take a look at our cornice board at the King's Daughters Inn, I too am obsessed. http://thekingsdaughtersinn.com/rooms-rates#rigsbee

  3. No joke- I am obsessed with that last bathroom pic. Pinned! The color combos is amazing. Great find!!

  4. Definitely a favorite of mine, when done right they just look so polished and fun!


  5. Pretty sure I have every one of those photos pinned! Great minds! Oh, and definitely cornice boards...that's my mom rubbing off on me.

  6. Absolutely one of my favorites...thinking a DIY is in my future!! I love all the pictures!


    Dominique @ http://comfycozycouture.blogspot.com

  7. We live in an older home, and almost all the windows had cornice boards when we moved in. I took down most of them because I wasn't sure how to decorate with them. However when we decorated Bella's nursery, I got her's back out and put them back above the windows. They are painted in flowers to go along with the theme we chose. I love them!

  8. Cornices are our new jam too! We just made our own out of foam board. Check it out! http://www.shopyellowhammer.com/how-to-build-your-own-window-cornices/