Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Around here, we celebrate birthdays for more than a few days. Why not? My birthday is in October, and at times, I have celebrated it from Labor Day until Halloween. My sweet husband shares a birthday with his older brother (just one day apart, but still, with extended birthdays it counts), so their birthday celebrations last weeks and weeks.
Tonight, I will not be able to attend a grand birthday dinner because, sigh, I have a wedding. To make up for this major party foul, I am planning a most fantastic birthday party tomorrow for those two boys... Keg Kickball. Yes, yes, redneck it may be to have kegs and sporting events, but you wouldn't believe the response in rsvps. Here's the plan
  • Locate a park with big willow trees to hang gorgeous (but manly) flag banners and streamers
  • Bake Buy delish cupcakes in spring flavors including key lime, pink lemonade, and coconut
  • Purchase keg and other delighful refreshments
  • Make yummy comfort food including gourmet pigs in a blanket, popcorn, woopie pies, dips, etc
  • Invite a ton of fun people, their dogs, and their neighbors
Hopefully, everything will go as planned. I have ordered a few rentals (I just can't help myself) and even have cute goody bags for the attendees. Wish me luck in hosting this party for two of my favorite boys!

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  1. The hub and I joined a kickball league last year, and if they had let us roll a keg out there we would have. Nothing like tailgating in your running shoes haha Can't wait to see pics!!