Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New York New York

One of the many perks of being a wedding planner is meeting an array of fabulous people. My brides and grooms are from literally all over the world. I have had clients from South Africa, England, Germany, Australia, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, and New York. They have been doctors, lawyers, artist, news casters, photographers, professional football players, famous hair stylists, make-up artists; the list goes on and on and on. I have been really blessed to be surrounded by such fascinating clients.

While planning my trip to New York, I emailed one of my former brides for suggestions on restaurants and eateries. She works for creative edge parties and is a total foodie. I knew she would be the best person to ask and she delievered the goods in record time. This girl has serious style and knows her food. Below is her hit list of all her go-to spots in NYC. I'll report back and let you know what we actaully got to.

18th Floor of Standard Hotel (otherwise known as Boom Boom Room), Meatpacking – open from 4pm – 9pm (then closes for private parties), you must go for a drink, gorgeous views of the city! Call and make a reservation for a drink, otherwise, you usually can walk in, go early.

Hudson Hotel – Midtown - anywhere in the hotel, just a cool spot to have a drink

PDT – East Village - call at 3pm ON THE DOT for same day reservations, it’s a fun speakeasy, but you must call to get a reservation just for drinks. Good late night spot or a fun place to start the evening. Great late night hot dogs.

Stanton Social – Lower East Side – fun spot, good drinks, also good for dinner

Oak Room in the Plaza – since they just re-opened the Plaza, might be fun to go check it out and have a drink in the Oak Room, I haven’t been since, but would be fun
Rolfs – this place is a MUST SEE for Christmas time. It’s literally like walking into the middle of a Christmas tree. Its open from 12pm onwards, so its best to go between 1pm – 4pm, when it is less crowded, push yourself to the bar for an eggnog/german beer/mulled wine.

McSorleys – this is the oldest bar in NYC, literally dates back to 1847 or something like that, this is a BEER DRINKING ESTABLISHMENT ONLY, they literally serve only two things – light and dark beer, but if you are in the need of some entertainment (and by entertainment I mean loud obnoxious guys), this is the place. It’s more of a “friends” place, less of a couple place, but in case your husband is into old bars.

Prune – East Village - (AMAZING bloody marys!!! There is always a line, unless you get there at 10am, otherwise put your name in and then go shopping around soho)

Spotted Pig – West Village - (AMAZING BURGERS with Roquefort cheese)
Nolita House

Pastis or Balthazar – Meatpacking and Soho – traditional NYC brunch hot spots

Ino – West Village - great paninis and a dish called “Truffled Egg Toast”

Jules – East Village - (French bistro with live jazz on Sat/Sun), great for Croque Monsieur, Mussels, Steak Frites, etc…

Abe & Arthurs – Meatpacking – new “it” spot for dinner/drinks, great food

Otto/Lupa/Babbo – all Mario Batali restaurants, Otto is best for casual pizza/pasta, Lupa is more fine dining and Babbo is by far the best if you can get a reservation

Mary’s Fish Camp – West Village - super low key and casual, our favorite Lobster Rolls

Blue Hill – Washington Sq - BEST LOCAL SEASONAL FOOD EVER!!!!!!!! If you can’t get a reservation sometimes you can go sit at the bar

Allen & Delancey – Lower East Side - GREAT food, nice cozy atmosphere

Stanton Social– Lower East Side - Fun ambience and food, check out the menu, a good “party spot” 

 Momofuko Ssam Bar – East Village - if you are into pork and adventurous food, this place is unbelievable, must try to pork buns!!!

Spotted Pig – West Village - same as above, awesome for all day/anytime food… GREAT FOOD!!!

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