Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mrs. Howards and her Ah-mazingness

I had the chance to sneak away from the island this past weekend and go to the Queen City. I love love love Charlotte. It has the charm of South with fantastic shopping and eateries and also happens to be where a few of my few favorite friends live. I went there for a bridal show, but made time to pop into Mrs. Howards, an amazing home store located in the heart of the city. It was drop dead and my girlfriend and I were literally drooling in every room. 

Incredible details in every aspect of this gorgeous room. Look at the herringbone ceiling and the placement of the hydrangea prints. So pretty!

This photo does not give the entry way to the Charlotte store justice! The walls are seagrass that has been painted a powder blue and then glazed over. Smart and so chic. The floor is unlike anything I have ever seen before; iridescent tiles make up this graphic wave pattern.

This is the entrance to the upstairs of Mrs. Howards. Those prints are almost five feet long and  make such a statement. I love charcoal art work. These are especially beautiful against the classic architecture and herringbone wooden floors.

This was one of my favorite rooms at Mrs. Howards. Oh the drama of the velvet walls and brass tufting. Again, this photo does not do it justice. I would love to do this in a room one day but I'm not sure this is conducive to the beach lifestyle. What do you think?

Out of all of the details that I noticed at Mrs. Howards, I admired the draperies and crown moldings the most. The ceilings were huge, which of course helps, but the dressmaking details in the window treatments were truly special. This is one of my favorite rooms.

I LOVE this bed and so admire that they positioned it directly in the middle of the room. Of course, no one lives here, so it doesn't have to logistically make sense, but I would love to do this one day if given the right space. Wouldn't this be the most refreshing room to wake up in? I'm sure if I were able to wake up in the room, I would also be served pancakes and mimosas in bed. What a dream...

all photos via Mrs. Howards

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