Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I need a little help...

It's not even real wedding season, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. The planning is going great, but my overall appearance is on the verge of completely unacceptable. My polished nails and blond hair are a thing of the past and I won't even talk about my wardrobe. Yikes! That's where you all come in!  I need a few wardrobe staples and haven't had a chance to look for those essential pieces. So if you could, share a little love if you have seen anything fab in the following categories

1. Flat Shoes that aren't $847374 and are comfy
2. Slacks...such a weird word, but I'm totally in to pants for some reason (instead of jeans or dresses) and want work appropriate, tailored pants like this
3. An awesome birthday present for my awesome husband
4. A humane shock collar for my dogs that won't stop barking at the mail lady! (joking, kind of)

1 comment:

  1. I know how you feel! Here's my two cents...

    1. Marais
    2. If you can get to a Zara, they have tons! I'm so into trousers too and bought my latest pair on sale from them for 19.99! They look like Olivia's! If not, I've seen an awesome, awesome selection at ASOS for cheap! Well, under 60 :)
    http://us.asos.com/Womens-pants-Womens-going-out-pants-and-work-pants/sp6b8/?cid=2640..I have a few in my cart!
    3. If you come across a great place to shop, holler...A's bday is in less than a month ahhhh
    4. No dogs, no dice

    hope you get revamped in a jiff! :)