Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Society Social Sneak Peak!

My talented friend, Roxy, from My Cup of Te, has offered us a sneak peak of her new home and fashion collection via the darling blog, Things that Sparkle. She has created a furniture and fashion line that makes me swoon. I don't know of one girl that hasn't had this dream, but Roxy put in the long hours and dedication to make it reality. Bravo Roxy! Like it on facebook, sign up for the newsletter, follow her on twitter, or just send her an email telling her how much you love it! It will just make her day!


  1. THIS made my day :) And your exciting news!!! i want to kiss you and little tilley gray. (double. got it!!)

  2. dying over the bamboo carts!

  3. Thanks so much for linking over to the post!! So excited for the launch