Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dress your whole family in Zara

When the husband and I were in NYC and Paris, we both blacked out when we went into Zara. (OK, I blacked out, he kept me from cleaning out our checking account on jackets and made me put some things back, but still, he participated.)  I'm not sure if it was the booming music, the bright lights, or the affordable fashion, but the few times I have been in Zara, I get in a zone that surprises even me. Now that it's online, I don't have the same adrenaline as when I have been in the store, but they sure do have some goods this season that I could use in my closet. 
Their men's and little boy's selections actually rival there women's and girl's clothing. Typically girls clothes are so much cuter than the boys, but if I was having a little boy, the toggle coat and driving shoes would be on order. So cute!

I love the cut of this jacket!

Everyone needs a leather jacket. This style and price point is perfect!

For the man in your life, this quilted jacket would be so cute with a fitted t-shirt and jeans.

I love this for cozy, casual weekends. 

For the little man in your life, this toggle coat is a must. What a great first classic!

Little driving loafers! 

 A toggle coat for the little lady

Every girl needs a little leopard. These are perfect for fall!

It's feel more and more like Fall here and I couldn't be happier! I have my first cold of the season, so I have been on chicken noodle soup and hot tea all weekend and I almost don't mind! 
Happy Sunday!

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  1. I just received my first online order and I LOVE my purchases! Being able to buy their stuff online is lethal but I love it. I adore those little leopard shoes. Tilley Gray is going to be super cute! Hope you are having a great weekend.