Monday, April 23, 2012


This past weekend my step-sister, Constance, got married to her high school sweetheart. It was a full weekend starting with a bridal tea that my Mom and I hosted, followed by a rehearsal dinner, and then on Saturday, the wedding. In between all of the events we visited with friends and family and every night, somehow, ended up at the Ritz-Carlton bar. Thank goodness this was just a weekend because I am way too old to stay up late and go out like that. Tilley-Gray had the most precious nanny's, good friends of my mom, that stayed in a connected hotel room to ours so that Gray and I could really enjoy the weekend. The whole weekend was such a treat!

My phone was dead almost the entire weekend so I only have a few photos. That always seems to happen on weekends like this!

Scratch Paper Studio designed these menus and place cards for the bridal tea. I always love what Natasha comes up with and she is priced really well. We did a Parisian theme because that is where Kyle proposed to Constance. I think they turned out beautiful!

After the rehearsal dinner that night at Bentley's, an amazing restaurant that is on the 27th floor and over looks the entire city, we went to the Ritz-Carlton for drinks. I haven't really "had drinks" in a long time and just one of those greyhounds was plenty for me. 

They had a great band and Gray insisted that we dance. Once he has a little liquid courage, all he wants to do is dance, so we did. My brother and his girlfriend were with us and took this photo. It's a great memory and I'm glad that Gray was insistent because it was a lot of fun. 

Walking back to our hotel that night, we ran into Kony 2012 supporters. I haven't seen anything like this in Wilmington, but it was nice to see young people that really have a purpose. 

My phone was dead all of Saturday, but my friend Andy had his so he took this photo. All through the wedding I kept telling him all I wanted was a grilled cheese. After the wedding we all went to the Ritz and guess who got their grilled cheese!? It was worth the wait!

Tilley-Gray made a (very) brief stop at cocktail hour and was so sweet with everyone. She was exhausted, which makes two of us, after such a long weekend!

It was a long weekend and one that was so much fun! I can't wait to see the photos from the wedding that Rachel Barker took. Congratulations to my sweet step-sister Constance and new brother Kyle!