Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tilley-Gray's First Birthday

Tilley-Gray turned one on Saturday. Everyone says this, but I can't believe a year has passed. We celebrated her birthday with lots of friends and family. I think at one point I counted a total of 50 people in my tiny (tiny!) little house. 

Tilley-Gray woke up on Saturday morning and opened a gift from her Aunt Shannon and Uncle Will. Her first nutcracker. She wasn't sure what it was at first.

By the end of the day, she loved it! 

The party started at 10am because our good friend was getting married at 5pm. I don't recommend having a party that early in the morning, but it was great, and Tilley-Gray partied right through her usual morning nap.
Grayson said "Oh no, you've gone Pinterest on me" in regards to the balloon fringe and door number
I made little hats for the guests. The party favors included mini toys, bubbles, and a nutcracker ornament. 
I struggled with the menu at first, because after all, it was a party for a one year old, so we had more adults than kids. I ended up buying Chik-fil-a mini biscuits, and then making Chex mix, banana and peanut butter sushi, ham biscuits, tomato and mozzarella sticks, mini muffins, and fruit. 

Flower & Flour, my favorite bakery, made macaroons, chocolate cake, and a triple cupcake for Tilley-Gray's smash cake. 
We took down our Hermes scarf and put paper fans up from Shop Sweet Lulu to coordinate with her party. I'm in the process right now of converting our guest room into a playroom for Tilley-Gray and will use these as artwork. 

We have a tiny little bungalow house, which is perfect for the three of us, but not so much for a party with 15 crawling babies. Everyone was a good sport, including the babies!

Happy Birthday my darling Tilley-Gray!

She LOVED her cupcakes!

I've shared this with you before, but I really am so blessed with such great girlfriends here in Wilmington. With my family so far away, my friends here have become my family. Whenever I'm homesick,  I have all of these great girls to lean on. I'm so glad that Tilley-Gray is surrounded and loved by so many wonderful people!

Tilley-Gray, you have brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. You are our little nugget, you have such a sassy personality, love animals, and will go to anyone. You don't cry when we leave because you know we will always come back. You love your giraffe blankets and bunnies, love crawling under furniture, getting into mommy's make-up drawer, eating blueberries, but most of all, you love snuggling with your mommy and daddy. You have been the most incredible blessing and have made your parents slow down and really enjoy each day. Thank you for being our sweet little baby.

And because y'all are so sweet and always ask me:
Invitations, Stickers, and Cards: Scratch Paper Studio
Paper Fans, Balloons, Paper Garland, and Plates Shop Sweet Lulu
Tilley-Gray's Party Hat: Prop Shop Boutique
Tilley-Gray's Outfit: Baby Gap
All furniture, wallpaper, fabric, and lighting available through my company, Poplin & Queen Interiors


  1. What a fun party! Tilley gray is so cute!!

  2. Oh- I have been waiting for the birthday post. Your cute little family and home just make my heart happy! I found your blog through mybluehydranga right after you had Tilly-Gray and I am hooked! We have 3 chickadees and our youngest (and only girl) turned one on Nov 8th. We had a bunny themed party! Looking forward to a home tour of your little cottage in the future.

  3. Those paper fans and her darling outfit are party perfect! It looked like the perfect first birthday!

  4. Adorable party, I too have been waiting to see how beautiful and fun this party would turn out! Lovely, thanks for sharing!

  5. Fabulous party! What you wrote about Tilley-Gray at the end was so sweet and beautiful.


  6. what a beautiful celebration of such a special little one!

  7. This party turned out so cute! Your balloons looked FAB! xo