Saturday, March 2, 2013

A New Outlook

Gray and I are quickly growing out of our little bungalow, and unless we find an incredible deal, we will more than likely start building a home in the next year. While growing up, I moved 17 times before I turned 18, so I would love to build a house that I love and stay put for a good long while. One thing on our wish list when we build a home are steel windows and doors.  I'm not sure they will be in the budget once we add all of our "must haves" but they sure do make a home beautiful. 



  1. I totally agree - definitely on my "next house" list! I love those opera opening windows in the third picture! There is something so simplistic and open about them, so, so pretty! Its also great that there is no paint to keep up with them ;)

  2. I am obsessed with steel windows! Definitely on the list!

  3. Can totally relate my family moved around alot ... great decor ideas.

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  4. High glass walls, they're always been a dream of mine to have. Lovely inspirations here. Got my eye on your next posts.