Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Adore...

this house. It's bananas. Designed and owned by the incredible Elizabeth Kimberly, I think you will agree that this is drool worthy.

Look at all of those windows! And the perfect yard! I mean... obsessed

Don't you love the whimsy of these doors. The black laquer is perfect

I love how modern the lighting is with the sheepskin rug and the light floors.


Tile covered wall not in a bathroom or kitchen; brilliant

Hello Stud

You know I love a white kitchen

I spy two Barcelona chairs

Mellow yellow is perfect for a family room

Chic and Cozy "man's cave."
 I could live with a dead animal on the wall as long as it looked like this
I would never leave this spot

What a perfect house to have parties and entertain friends. When can I move in??

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