Monday, March 8, 2010

I Like Bikes

If Spring doesn't come soon, I'm going to loose it. In the mean time, I've been doing a little research  on "Spring" things; like gardening, and cleaning (ok, I lie), and bikes. In my research, I have stumbled across some pretty chic bikes. I think you will agree...

Our friends over at Chanel made a spiffy little bike for us to ride around town
Fendi has a rustic quality that the husband would look handsome on
Hermes did the same. I'd like a touch of orange on this one

I'm not exactly in the  market to spend a few thousand on a bike. I"m more of the Wal-mart Huffy price range. Here are a few cuties that are more along those guidelines...

A fun, bright color

A straw basket and a cute puppy!
A little KWID love to match a kelly green bike


Brides: What a cute way to leave your reception!

Happy Monday!

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