Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Southern Weddings Magazine Shoot (at my house!!!)

A few weeks ago, my good friend Millie Holloman came over to hang out after a July 4th bike ride downtown. She loved my house and thought that it would be a great location for a photo shoot she was doing for Southern Weddings magazine. At first, I was hesitant. We were in the process of taking down the chair railing, painting the walls, and our drapery lady was still not finished. My house was/is still not finished. It was clearly not ready for a photo shoot. Millie assured me that it would be great. 

Again, the people in these photos are not me. They are the editors and contributors to Southern Weddings Magazine (one of my favorite magazines.) I was working the day of the photo shoot and did not have a chance to meet the editors, but with Millie Holloman and Jennifer Rose-Sandy in charge, I knew my house would be in great hands. 

This in my front porch. That swing is my favorite thing in my entire house. My Papa built it out of a single cedar tree from my great uncle's farm land. He made it as a house warming gift and every time him and my  Memaw come to visit, we sit out there and swing and talk. I'm so lucky to have such incredible grandparents.

This is the front entrance of our house. We had just painted the entire room white (it sounds easy, but the room is 16' x 50' and took forever to do) and I'm almost positive it was still wet when the Salt Harbor girls arrived that morning to style the shoot. The desk is from West Elm and those blue chairs are from Glenn Harmon. I have a white leather tufted sofa that I'll show you later, but I love that they turned this into an office scene.

My Papa and I collaborated on the design of these shelves. I sent him dozens of tear sheets and sketches and after a few long conversations, we came up with the final design.Once we had a plan, the husband and Papa went into his wood working shop and created this in a single weekend. There are so many shelves, it's a great excuse to buy small pieces of art work, design books, and other little treasures to fill these shelves.

Thanks so much to Millie Holloman for letting me share these images. 

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