Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still Smitten...

Today is our anniversary. It's been three years, and I'm still totally and absolutely in love. I know I'm lucky to have such a great guy, especially because he puts up with me and all of my craziness. 

Our first anniversary we bought plane tickets  (the tradition is paper) and went to Costa Rica. We were so poor. He had just graduated law school and we left the day after he took the Bar exam. It was an adventure. We surfed, (I actually tried to surf, but ended up hitting a local in the head with my board and made a grown man cry. To be fair, I also was hit in the head and didn't cry), we ate great food, and we stayed in a really gross hotel room that smelled like a dead animal was in the drain hotel and I "roughed" it for the first time. Looking back, it is such a great memory. The husband wants to go back, but has realized that next time it will be for a "guys" trip.

The second year was a lot more romantic and I also got this fabulousness as my anniversary gift. Did I also tell you he is brilliant when it comes to gift giving? 

This year, we are saving for our trip to Paris. We are going to the most amazing French restaurant, Caprice, where they have delish escargot and make you want to slap your mamma they are so good pomme frittes. They are seriously that good. 

Happy anniversary to the most patient, caring, funny, darling man I know.
Everyday I love you.


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